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“We are pleased to provide quotations for:

  • Preliminary services (e.g. design and drafting services and lodging your plans with council for Development and/ or Building Approval
  • New home construction
  • Renovations/ remodeling of your existing home

Preliminary Services.

Preliminary services quotes – To assist you prior to construction or renovation of your home, we are pleased to offer a full range of preliminary services. These include engaging our designer to complete your full set of drawings and working alongside a private certifier to lodge your plans for development and/ or building approval with your local council.

We provide preliminary services quotations at no charge. When you engage us to provide these services, there is no obligation to use Stephensen Constructions as your builder. If we provide design services, your full set of drawings are yours to keep and do with as you wish.

New home construction and renovations.

Ballpark construction quotes – We appreciate that our prospective clients may want a “ball-park” quotation for budget assessment and builder comparison/ price-checking purposes.

We will provide you with a general building rate at no charge (e.g. estimated cost per square meter based on your project type and whether you require builder’s standard, mid-range or bespoke/ luxury finishes), however this would be a rough guide only and would not take into account the many requirements and variables of your particular project.

Construction quotes – A formal construction quotation is based on your engineered construction drawings. It takes into account the specific architectural, engineering and aesthetic requirements of your project. It sets out your preliminary costs (council, consultant and/ or statutory fees, preparatory ground works/ excavation, etc), quantities estimation for materials, trade/ supplier rates and provisional costsrelated to your design and finishing choices.

To maintain our high standard of accuracy in quoting, we will not provide formal construction quotations based on preliminary/ concept drawings.

We do not provide this type of comprehensive, itemized quotation free of charge; however, when you engage us to complete your project, we will credit the cost of your quotation back to you in your overall contract price.
To request a quote, please send your full contact details, a description of your proposed project and any applicable plans and specifications to:

We will confirm receipt of your request by email or telephone, and will arrange to meet with you to discuss your proposed project in more detail.

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